OREMO Recording Package 9 Mora Turkish CVVC Reclist 0.2

Turkish CVVC Reclist + 130 Tempo Guide BGM

  1. Viran
    I have been working on a Turkish CVVC reclist which is currently 9 mora.
    It still has lacking strings but should be able to work well, I highly recommend downloading the old beta I will be providing the link of to see the pronunciations.
    Please read the readme before recording to avoid mistakes.
    This reclist is still in its beta phase and will be fixed, feedback is highly appreciated.

    Note that the beta voicebank has no oto.ini configured, it is just an example for pronunciations. The reclist has changed after the recording session.
    The first reclist used to be 8-mora with end consonants, fixed to 9-mora.
    Link to the voicebank:
    Link to the BGM extension (Default one is only A3):
    _= no rest
    - = rest in between
    1 = ı
    U = ü
    OE = ö, search's ea
    AE = apple's a
    sh = ş
    ch = ç
    G = ğ
    ky = kâ in kâğıt
    gy = gâ, same as ky, rüzgâr
    rr = tap r
    th = th in breath
    dh = th in that
    ll = back palate l
    l = front palate l
    nn= back palate n, almost ny
    n= front palate n,solid n
    c= giant's g
    g= goose's g
    j= illusion's s

    *Updated the reclist and changed the BGM at GMT+3 21:10
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