Contextual ん Plugin v1.2

Change pronunciation of ん based on following note

  1. Romaji Compatibility

    The plugin is now compatible with romaji USTs that write ん as n.

    When using the plugin with a voicebank for the first time, it creates a context-n.ini file in the voicebank folder. Settings are copied from default.ini, so to enable romaji compatibility, users can manually copy settings from default-romaji.ini instead.

    The format of context-n.ini has changed, adding new information. The Settings section has the flag for romaji compatibility. The Exceptions section has lyrics containing n which do not correspond to ん, such as na (な in hiragana).

    The plan for v1.3 is to include a GUI when creating new context-n.ini settings for a voicebank, to make customization easier.
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