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So you want to be a better producer? With these you can!

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    Free Online Classes

    Coursera partners with real universities to offer FREE online courses to its members. These courses are much like real online classes as they have a schedule, a syllabus, and assign homework.

    Here are some recommended classes that might interest aspiring producers:


    Being free and as large as they are you don't often get as much 1 on 1 time with a professor as a paid class might have but many of these courses are optimized for the large enviroment and it often involves a lot of community learning.

    To be successful in a Coursera class you must keep up with the readings and engage your virtual classroom via the discussion boards. The value you get out of these online classes directly relates to the amount of time you put into them.

    Self Study Resources

    If classes, homework, and guided instruction aren't your thing and you would rather learn at your own pace I have compiled a list of resource that can help you learn on your own.

    Music Theory - Interactive exercises and references on music theory.

    Music Theory - 46 lessons on music theory covering a wide variety of topics.
    Music Theory - Music theory lessons, exercises, and tools.

    The Musical Mind
    Ear Training - Interactive ear training exercises.

    Music Awareness
    Ear Training - Interactive training to recognize harmonies in real-world music by ear.

    EQ Your Ears
    Ear Training - Interactive frequency response ear training. How do you know what to EQ? Learn to listen to the frequencies!

    The Method Behind The Music
    Reference - Music web-book that includes basic theory and some interactive explanations.

    Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People
    Reference - A series of one-page cheatsheets with good coverage of theory concepts starting with the basics.

    Interactive Music Theory Drills
    Reference - FiveJ's homeschooling resources put together this list of interactive music theory drills.

    BerkleeShares - Learn Music Online
    Referance - Berklee College of Music's self-learning resources. Free texts and video lectures covering a variety of topics.

    YouTube Tutorial Series

    If you are a visual or auditory learner maybe web guides and textbooks aren't quite your thing. There are a variety of video resources on YouTube that will help you get better at music production.

    5 Minutes to a Better Mix by Recording Revolution
    Mixing Tutorial - 31 5-6 minute videos that each cover a single topic of mixing music.

    5 Minutes to a Better Mix II by Recording Revolution
    Mixing Tutorial - Season 2 of the "Better Mix" series. 31 more 5-6 minute videos covering even more topics, building on Season 1.

    5 Minutes to a Better Mix III by Recording Revolution
    Mixing Tutorial - The 3rd and final season of the "Better Mix" series. The final 31 5-6 minute videos building on the previous two seasons.

    Streaky's Mastering TV by Steaky of Metropolis Mastering
    Mixing & Mastering Video Series - Tutorials, Q&A, and video blogs on audio production by Steaky, an audio engineer at the world famous Metropolis Mastering studio.

    Listening to Music (MUSI 112) by Yale University
    Video Lecture - 23 video lectures offered by Yale University's free online learning program. Actual class taught at Yale that you can take virtually through YouTube. Teaches you basic music theory and music listening skills.

    How Music Works - Melody by Howard Goodall
    In this documentary series film composer Howard Goodall explains melody's basic elements.
    Why are some melodic shapes common to all cultures across the world? Can successful melodies be written at random? If not, what are the familiar melodic patterns composers of all types of music have fallen back on again and again, and why do they work?

    How to Synth, How to Bass, Production Basics, +Many More by SeamlessR
    A resource for producers of every experience level. Videos on bass production, track production, performance arrangement, and many other topics. Exceptionally useful for FL Studio users as that is what SeamlessR uses but his lessons will apply across all DAWs.

    Varien Tutorials by Varien
    An introductory video series covering topics like scales, intervals, and chords with advanced lessons on FL Studio by producer Varien, known for his work on both video game and film soundtracks.

    Additional Reading

    Tips @ Recording Revolution
    A blog by the producer behind the "5 Minutes to a Better Mix" video series. He blogs on various topics covering all aspects of music mixing, mastering, and production.

    How to Use Reverb Like a Pro by Sound on Sound
    An in-depth article focusing on reverb and it's applications, written by the premiere music production magazine in the world. A must read for all aspiring producers.


    That is all I have for you for now. If you have any feedback, learning tools, apps, videos, or resources you would like to recommend please reply to this resource's discussion thread.
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