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  1. Aura Autumnus
    Aura Autumnus
    Finally someone showing how things are xD That's really cool. BTW mah new utsu is Kireina Merurusa, written in Hiragana. Is that OK, Pupu-san? :D
    1. Pupuomena
      Author's Response
      Kireina/綺麗な is an adjective meaning "beautiful" but I think that as that it doesn't work as a good name because "kireina" is a "dictionary form" of that word. Removing hiragana na/な from end would look better when written as Japanese (obiously reading change to "Kirei") or giving totally different name.

      美 means also beauty (read as "mi" and "bi"). Combinationg it with a noun that is in Kanji (e.g. "flower" "tree" "cat" etc) makes it look a very nice sure name.

      Adjectives as alone super rarely works as alone, so I recommend to combine an adjective with a noun. Verbs will not work as name.

      Ps. Given name is fine, I recommend write that as katakana