Simple VCV Otoing Tutorial 1.0

A simple way of otoing VCV.

  1. GARMuffin
    I've provided a RAR file because I think I made too much images too fit into this one thing.
    Hehe sorry.

    But without further ado, here's a little VCV otoing tutorial!

    • The RAR contains the images, and an example oto so you can observe and add onto it.
    • Pretty much I did this on my old computer so sorry for mojibakke.
    • There are 23 PNG files inside (including the extra tips images); 17 for the main tutorial, and 6 for the "extra tips"
    • I actually did this with images because I don't want people asking me, "Where's the <insert some obvious button here>? I can't seem to find it." (I can't explain properly with just words...)