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DAWs, instruments, effects, oh my!

  1. Tracktion T7 is now free

    Link has been updated
  2. Added Bandlab Cakewalk

  3. Added a bunch of JV's suggestions

    His original Discord messages read thus:
    • Tracktion 6 is free now
    • DAWs less than $100: Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio, which I got free with Computer Music issue 250 at $3.99, is regularly priced at $45. It's pretty good value considering that you get 64 tracks, a proper mixer with routing that works well, VST support (including a bridge for supporting 32 bit VSTs in 64 bit), and the Cakewalk TTS-1 ROMpler that is actually a Roland sound module. However, Gibson stopped development...
  4. Added Learning Music


    I've just heard about this website that Ableton made. I've only looked at it a little, but it's really amazing. I urge everyone who wants to make music or even already making music to check this out.
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  5. Added Virtual Playing Orchestra

    Upon suggestion from Expus on Twitter, I've added Virtual Playing Orchestra! It is an sfz format sample library (compatible with Plogue Sforzando) using high quality orchestral samples, including those from Philharmonia Orchestria (which I had added previously)

    While I have no personal experience using it, take it from him:

    "VERY important and necessary to anyone who needs free orchestra samples."
    "i CANNOT emphasize how important virtual playing orchestra has been to me the past while...