1. Piia
    Pros - Androgynous voice (I like it)
    Voice is very smooth and soft ^-^
    Cons - I don't know if she could be used to sing fast and upbeat songs ^^;
    Aimi is such a sweet little UTAU. Her voice suits her design in my opinion. I'm sure that her voice could make even the most stressed-out UTAU user/listener relaxed. But I believe that it, sadly, limits her capacity of having a wide selection of songs to choose from (?). I've recently downloaded her NATIVE voicebank and tried it, and it's really a cute sounding one. But if that's what she was deliberately made for, then I have no complaints ^^

    I like the design, but maybe adding a little more would be nice (but not over the top and gaudy XD)
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    1. Milk
      thanks for the feedback ; u ;!
      And yeah I agree that Aimi's voice limits what she can sing. Her NATIVE bank is from 2013, so that's why it sounds so different from her newer ones, and I only stopped recording banks in that style because it was easier for me at the time to record more softer, whisper-y banks. But if you think that her more solid sounding voice sounds good, I could totally record more voicebanks like that!
  2. JAY
    "Love the voice, like the design!"
    Pros - The voice has a really beautiful mature quality! I love it.
    The design is nice as well.
    Cons - I personally wish the design had some more personality to it. To me it seems a tad flat. It's cute, but with a voice that beautiful I think the design should complement it!
    Hey Milk! I remember using Aimi YEARS ago in a medley, and damn her voice has changed so much and I love it!

    Aimi's voice is very mature and has some really good core behind it. I really can tell you know what you're doing when you record her! The oto is definitely done right too.

    The design is definitely very original, but I'd like to see a bit more detail or complexity. Maybe even some more shading would make it that much better. I really like it, I wish it just complemented the gorgeous tone of her voice a bit more!
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    1. Milk
      Thanks for the feedback!!
      Yeah the design is a bit old and i'll probably commission someone to redo it eventually haha