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    あすこ (ah-soo-koh)
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    162.56cm (5 feet, 4 inches)
    dango, art, singing
    bad criticism
    Information about the character(s) and voicebank(s) are located on the official distribution page.

    Official UTAU art by Ko Ton Mi
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    Ko Ton Mi
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    • Japanese
    Voicebank info is located on the official distribution page.

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    Permission Not Required
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    Permission Required
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    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required
    Copied directly from readme.txt located within the voicebank folder.


    *Note: the phrase "the characters that represent this voicebank" refers to Asuko and Asuotoko, created and owned by Ko Ton Mi

    ~Art & Other Creations~

    Asuko and/or Asuotoko may be used for making art, music, or any other forms of fanwork.


    It is strictly forbidden to claim this voicebank, the characters that represent the voicebank, and their official art as your own. Asuko & Asuotoko's voice, character, and their official art is owned by their creator, Ko Ton Mi.
    Redistribution of Asuko & Asuotoko's voicebank is allowed, as long as Ko Ton Mi is remains credited and all wav files are not modified.

    ~Hate Speech and Propoganda~

    It is strictly forbidden to use this voicebank and the characters that represent it in any way that could be seen as offensive. This being said, you may not use Asuko & Asuotoko to encourage any form of bigotry such as racism, homophobia, etc.
    It is also foridden to use this voicebank to encourage ideologies such as fascism.

    ~Religious speech~

    It is forbidden to use this voicebank and the characters that represent it for religious or anti-religious purposes.

    ~Commercial Use~

    This voicebank is meant to be completely free of cost. Selling this voicebank for your own profit is strictly forbidden.
    However, merchandise suchs as t-shirts, pins, figmas, etc. may be sold for promotion purposes only. Please contact Ko Ton Mi or UtaJoule for more information.

    ~Mature Content~

    It is not forbidden to use Asuko and/or Asuotoko in R-18/18+ content. These characters may be potrayed in sexual and/or violent content.


    Asuko and/or Asuotoko derivatives such as fanmade siblings, genderbends, agebends etc. are not forbidden and long as you gain approval from Ko Ton Mi or UtaJoule.

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