Matsuo Sora

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  • Western Name:
    Sora Matsuo
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    Release Date:
    February 23rd, 2017
    167 cm
    57 kg
    Binge watching anime or netflix, Lucy, gaming, dancing, being alone
    Doing stuff, being caught dancing
    Related Characters: Sonoda Lucy (Best Friend), Hideki (Mutual Crush, as their creators like to ship them (Hideki is managed by Drocell Keinz))
    Likes: Binge watching anime or netflix, Lucy, gaming, dancing
    Dislikes: Doing stuff, being caught dancing

    These Headcanons are accepted and supported. They do not reflect anything truly canon, and do NOT have to be accepted. Sora can be however you want him to be.

    Sora's Voicebanks and and different designs are seperate entities and have all different personalities. They can be treated as anything: Siblings (Mostly Quadruplets, since V1 doesn't count due to being retired), Friends, Clones or anything else. Please do note that this concept is merely an accepted headcanon, it is not meant to restrict, and can be ignored in favour for other headcanon. In fact, the latter is preferred, and headcanons may be shared with Sors, via PM or in this special thread: As for the Personalities, they are as followed:

    V1/CV: He retains Sora's regular personality, and is the only one to use the old Kanji to write his name. He tries to be liked by the other Soras', but fails, due to his low quality recordings, german accent and status as a CV Utau, even though he claims to have a smooth oto for a CV.

    Hirogaru/Main: The self-proclaimed leader of the Sora bunch. He is a rather positive and uplifting person, who usually talks in the C#4 and F4 Pitches when he is excited, in the F3 Pitch when calm and in the G#2 Pitch when gloomy. He tries to get attention, and has a small dislike for Tsuyoi and they often argue about their hairstyles and outfits. Due to english not having a design yet, and the Beta VCCV VB using Hirogaru's design, he is the only one capable of english.

    Tsuyoi: The 'edgelord' of the group. He pretends to not enjoy the compliments about his voicebank having a beautiful tone and being more appreciated than Hirogaru, but in reality loves to see Hirogaru being jealous, yet ends up being the victim of gay jokes from Hirogaru and Kire due to his croptop. He pretends to ignore them, tho when out of sight, he muffles an insecure "It's not gay...its cool!"

    Kire: The troublemaker of the group. He is a self-called punk and likes to scare the others by bullying them kind of; being the only one who can make Tsuyoi and Hirogaru get along and work together. He often threatens them with beat ups, and likes to shout (due to his Kire and powerscale status). He is sadistic, but actually mostly nice to the other guys, tho they fail to recognize that as he gets easily annoyed by Hirogaru's and Tsuyoi's fighting.

    German/Kurai: The shy one of the group. While he is a german voicebank, he relies on his japanese knowledge from the other voicebanks to communicate, as he has no german samples yet. He loves his design very much and due to his shy nature is often protected by Kire from being the unintentional victim of Hirogaru's and Tsuyoi's constant bickering. As of September 2017, he also represents the WIP Voicebank Kurai.


    Hirogaru and Tsuyoi art by mallowkey, Kire design by Viran/Williamdavillain and German/Kurai design by Rei-Chan/Stargamer01.
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    UTAU Manager:
    UTAU Voicer:
    File Encoding:
    Alternate Encoding Method
    OTO.ini Aliasing:
    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
    Voicebank Configured on:
    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese
    • English
    His current status is Version 2 (V2), as of the Hirogaru CVVC Update.
    His CV VB are retired as of 2017, due to low recording quality

    Matsuo Sora V1 CV:
    A medium power Voicebank, recorded at F3.

    Matsuo Sora Power:
    A Powerfull bank recorded at C#4. Get's muffled up in lower notes.

    Matsuo Sora Hirogaru:
    Powerscale and Multi-Expression CVVC Voicebank, recorded at G#2 (Dark), F3 (Soft), C#4 (Power 1) and F4 (Power 2).
    A sample of the powerfull C#4 and F4 Pitches.

    Sample of the soft F3 Pitch

    Matsuo Sora Tsuyoi:
    A strong VCV Voicebank recorded at E3 and C4.

    Voicebanks in Development:

    Matsuo Sora English:
    Strong VCCV style recorded at E3 and C4.Fully recorded, yet not fully oto'd.
    A demo can be heard here:

    A Beta containing the C4 Pitch can be downloaded here:

    Matsuo Sora German:
    Strong VCCV style, will be recorded at E3 and C4. Development has started, and there was a design contest going on. The winner of said contest is Rei-Chan.

    Matsuo Sora Kire:
    CVVC Powerscale recorded at E3, C#4, F4 and B4. This is inspired by Ritsu's Kire bank, and currently in recording process.

    Matsuo Sora Yasashī:
    A weak, soft VCV style Voicebank recorded at F3 and A3.

    Updates in Developement:
    Matsuo Sora V2.1 - An update to the Hirogaru Voicebank. Will be fixing following
    - Frq. Errors (Mostly in the Vowel Strings of the higher Pitches and the C#4 hehehoho sample)
    - Record the missing "nyayuyeyoyo" string for the G#2 Pitch
    - Rerecord certain samples from the C#4 and F4 Pitch, due to them not being recorded properly.
    - Will add a second F3 Pitch that provides Semi-Powerful Results, due to Sora's current F3 Pitch being Soft. To achieve this, the suffix broker will have to add a 'N' (for Natural) to the Notes, so the Pitch can be omitted.
    - Will add a second C#4 Pitch Recording that provides higher soft results, due to Sora becoming Powerful in higher octaves and the F3 Pitch sounding unnatural when omitted in higher octaves. To add this, a 'S' (for Soft) will have to be added via SuffixBroker. The results might sound whispery.
    Voicebanks in Consideration:
    Matsuo Sora Kurai:
    A dark and whispery CVVC style Voicebank. SweetDevilSora has expressed his desire for a whisper bank, but is unsure of it.

    Matsuo Sora Soft:
    A Soft English VCCV Voicebank, that might be recorded in F3 and C#4.

    Matsuo Sora Korean and Spanish:
    SweetDevilSora has expressed a desire for Sora to be more than trilingual, and Korean and Spanish are considered to be added.
  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Not Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Not Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Not Required
    Commercial use of this Voicebank is allowed.
    Do not redistribute the Voicebank.
    Do not change the picture and/or pitch, and claim you own the Voicebank (aka don't make a pitchloid version).
    Do not use Sora for Hate Speeches, Propaganda or Religious Glorification.
    Commercial use of this Voicebank is permitted.
    Commercial use of this Character in Illustrations is permitted.
    Commercial use of this Character in Merchandise requires a special permission and/or license.

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  1. HoneyPai
    "Feedback (No pros and cons yet)"
    A little bit of feedback if I may:
    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with him aside from the quality (Don't freak out over this, because we all need to start somewhere so it's not a big deal)
    The music is a little too loud so I can hardly hear his voice unfortunately, maybe upload an acapella so people can actually hear him.
    He sounds a little out of his range and the first cover doesn't sound on pitch, (This one would have been useful to me when I started utau) BUT ANYWAY I suggest for the off key issue, instead of trying to fiddle around with keys and end up having him in the wrong key, just move the ust down by -12
    He will remain on key and be in his vocal range, this works for both moving a ust up by 12 and -12, if the ust is in a low range and his range is high, just move it up by 12! ^^
    Hope this feedback can be of use to you!
    1. Sors