1. Milk
    "3.5/5 Has a lot of potential!"
    Pros - - Soft, soothing voice
    - Simple, yet elegant outfit that describes what kind of voicebank users should expect her to sound like
    Cons - - Noticeable accent problem
    Minami has a very soothing voice that's easy and lovely to listen to. When combining multiple Minami tracks to create a harmony, she can sound very enchanting.
    The biggest problem I see with her is her accent. Her 'ts' & 'k' samples especially are what bother me. I can't really explain why exactly these samples sound a bit sour, but I think that if you shortened the length of the 'ts' in your recordings, and tried to record 'k' samples without that small bit of 'hh' between the consonant and the vowel, the bank as a whole would benefit from it.
    I don't have anything against her design. If she had more bells & whistles, all the better, but she definitely doesn't require them!
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    1. LilyoftheValley
      Thanks for the feedback! Also by "ts" do you mean "ts" as in "tsu" or "s" as in "sa"?