• Western Name:
    Proxima Aida
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    Release Date:
    October 3, 2015
    5 ft 6 in/167.64 cm
    134 lbs/60.7814 kg
    The Doodlebops, underrated weaponry, singing, snuggies, outerspace, Korean music and dramas, space food, exaggerating
    Admitting she's wrong, orange juice, being bored, bugs, bitter foods

    Epithet: Proxima Nova
    Age: 4.85 Gyr (she's really just 15)
    DOB: 4/15
    Nationality: Japanese
    Ethnicity: Japanese with traces North African
    Sibling: Warui Aida
    Blood Type: AB
    Personality: Proxima is a sweet girl who wants no one to be hurt, except people who hurt the ones she loves. Proxima is very protective of her friends and family and will not hesitate to fight for them. The reason for this is because the people close to her have always helped her out in some way and she can't tolerate anything bad happening to them. She isn't very good with first impressions but after a while, she gets use to people and is able to express her loving nature to them.
  • YouTube Sample:
    UTAU Group:
    Aida Cloud
    UTAU Manager:
    UTAU Voicer:
    File Encoding:
    Romanized Filenames
    OTO.ini Aliasing:
    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
    Voicebank Configured on:
    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese
    Art: _・サイヲ・_
    Mic: BM-800
    Flags: D2Y100H0c99
    Resampler: resampler.exe or TIPS.exe
  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Not Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    1. Voicebanks and Characters MUST be granted permission before any commercial use.

    2. R-18 usage is okay except with Urine Aida.

    3. You may role-play these characters without permission.

    4. Do NOT use these characters in any racist, offensive, or hateful way targeting people/persons.

    5. You may pair these characters with your/others UTAUloid.

    6. Do NOT claim characters and voicebanks as your own.

    7. Derivatives in any way, shape, or form are strictly PROHIBITED, unless created by kagamipagami.

    8. Having Aida Cloud characters in unofficial outfits is allowed.

    9. If you do not plan on making profit off of art, music, etc. from Aida Cloud, you are allowed to without permission.

    10. If you use (fan)art, music, voices, characters for anything you must credit the creator.

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