1. Milk
    "Nice voice, good design!"
    Pros - - voice can adapt to most song styles
    - all voicebanks seem to be multilingual
    - interesting design that complements voice
    Cons - - Not enough contrast in design
    - slight accent on 'S' samples
    QP's voice is one that has the solidness to keep up with most pop songs, while it also carries the softness needed to sing slow, laid-back songs as well.
    Samples fitted for multiple languages are always a welcome sight in any UTAU voicebank, and this is no exception! His added vowels and consonants make it so he can sing not only sing in Japanese, but English and maybe even Spanish and Chinese as well.
    His ROSE English voicebank sounds very understandable to me, as a native English speaker, which is great! All of his voicebanks seem to flow very well, on the count of his consistent recordings.
    His design certainly matches the voice, but my only complaint is that it needs more of a fleshed-out color-scheme. The pastel pink/blue combo fits perfectly, but it needs another color or two to balance it all out. It's hard to tell what detail you've put into his vest and shorts when they're both one solid shade of baby-blue.

    But overall, He's a good UTAU and I hope he gets better from here!
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    1. Animé Fan
      Thanks for the review. I didn't realize that Q.P.'s S's had an accent of some sort. As for color schemes, I prefer something simple over something too complex. Nonetheless, thanks for telling me what you think.