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    Release Date:
    December 21st, 2018
    Approx: 5'4
    Approx: 115lb
    Sioc is an ancient frost fairy who was sent by the gods to escort the pure thought the eternal winter that is to come. He is a trickster at heart, and was cursed to live forever by the same gods he works for. He was born a servant to a princess named Sneachta, but the two grew to be best friends. This was frowned upon, thus the pair were punished. Their punishment was to watch everyone they love slowly die around them and the world change before their eyes. As further punishment, Sneachta lost her human form, and now lives as a snowy owl.

    After redeeming themselves in the eyes of the gods, they weren't given their mortality back, but roles in the heavens above. After several hundreds of years, humans advanced beyond their limits and began to challenge the gods. Rather than being upset by this, they granted humans the knowledge to correct themselves and walk the path of redemption. But instead they threw themselves into a third World War towards the middle of the second American Civil War.

    Feeling man deserved to be punished, the gods sent a gift. This gift was a war that sends the world into a nuclear winter. To escort and protect the innocent, Sneachta and Sioc were sent to Earth. This is where they met results of mortals playing god, a strange group of so-called siblings. Created from the same embryo, yet so different. Their created named them Andromeda, Caelum and Aquila; they're modified clones.

    Undercover, he tries to blend in with a crowd of teenagers and later gets involved in Project ARCELLA by invitation.
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    Project ARCELLA
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    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
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    • Japanese
    This voicebank was given to Shasta via a trade with it's original creator.

    The voicebank is an 8 mora VCV romaji encoded voicebank with kana aliases. The version that is currently up is just a public beta, more work is being done on it and the full release is planned for December 21st, 2017.

    Current sample:
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    Permission Not Required
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    Permission Required

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