• Western Name:
    Tsugumi Mino
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    みの -つぐみ/Meeno-Tsu-goo-mee
    Release Date:
    163 cm
    53 kg
    Singing, cute choreography, happy endings
    Confrontation, violence, her own weakness
    A somewhat dainty princess with almost fearsome perseverance

    Very kind and polite, has high tolerance and patience, but sometimes caves in due to the immense responsibilities placed on her. Open and friendly towards most. Oftentimes tends to put on a more confident personality, fitting of a 'genki' girl. Adores the concept of fairy tales and wishes for a happy ending in her own life, and is surprisingly willing to push her limits every time to achieve her unrealistic expectations; one of them to become a popular idol.

    Character Item: Mic Scepter

    -Eyes somehow change color, stemming from unknown reasons; frequent colors are her primary blue and an emerald green when invigorated
    -During singing she will often be seen with a hand on her chest, possibly due to her overwhelming excitement and passion

    Outfit: -Colorful top covering breast area with pink ribbon
    -Pink 'cat' collar with matching eye color
    -Buttoned white dress worn over red pencil skirt
    -Blue mary-jane heels with ribbon over latch/green mary-janes with ribbon on side
    -Cape/blanket-like attachment around waist, extending past knees
    -white gloves
    -white/striped tights

    Hair: -Thigh-length brown hair pulled in low twintails by strong band
    -Bun tied at back of the head, with frills
    -Braided wreath connecting on opposite side of head, starting at hair accessory
    -Frilled moon hairclip
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    Kana (Japanese) Filenames
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    Romaji Aliasing
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    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese
    Updated voicebank of Tsugumi Mino

    -It is recommended that when using her voice to use resamplers such as -Fresamp

    For Glass Slipper it is recommended to use the standard Resampler or Moresampler

    Update: Tsugumi's site is undergoing updates. I have posted the DL link for her new voicebank
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    Permission Not Required
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    Permission Required
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    Permission Required
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