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Discussion in 'Requests & Freebies' started by Sors, Jul 20, 2017.

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    Okay so I'll keep this short:
    I have my UTAU VB Matsuo Sora Hirogaru in CVVC; as a 4 Pitch with 3 expression. However I wanted to add 2 extra pitches and one new Expression. So far Sora has a G#2 Dark Pitch, a F3 Soft Pitch and two powerful C4 and F4 Pitches. But I recorded one Power F3 Pitch and a Soft C4 Pitch, and will additionally record a Whisper Voicebank.

    Additionally, I recorded a C5 Belting Pitch to be used with the powerful F3, C4 and F4 Pitch for a Kire bank. So what i need, is otoing the Power F3, Soft C4, Whisper and Belting C5 Pitch.

    Sadly i cant comission someone, so this has to be a request. I really hope someone can help me!
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    If you want I can oto it for you!

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