〖AL!CE.16〗SPANISH Design Contest〖OPEN〗

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    (Reposting this since the forum reset)
    Heyo ; u ;9 So I'm holding my first ever design contest for 〖AL!CE.16〗

    This contest is for an upcoming language-extend for Spanish! As for now I gladly announce the Spanish design contest begins!

    Spanish DEMO

    It's very simple, just make sure you follow the rules!

    Deadline is September 1st


    1st Place Prizes

    • Chibi OR Bust up Lip Sync model by Alice

    • CV (any pitches) oto for free OR VCV/CVVC (one pitch) oto for free by Alice

    • 3 covers mixed by Alice
    • Full Body art by Herzig
    2nd Place Prizes

    • CV oto (up to two pitches) for free by Alice

    • 2 covers mixed by Alice

    • Cover or Chibi by Jay
    • Half Body art by Herzig
    3rd Place Prizes

    • One cover mixed by Alice
    • One CV oto for free by Alice

    Terms of Submission

    When you submit you are agreeing that the design you have submitted is completely original, no outside parties (doll makers, ripped parts etc.) have been used. You are also agreeing that I (Alice) hold the right to use the design or parts of it, even if it is not selected. (you will be messaged)

    Rules for Submission

    • You may submit as many designs as you like, but only one may be chosen

    • Can be drawn or done in MMD

    • You do not need to have good art, but please be as clear as possible!

    • You must agree to the terms of submission as stated above

    • Please either PM me, leave a comment or @ me with your submission for it to be considered

    • Bases are allowed if credited but tracing is forbidden and your submission will no longer count

    • No doll maker designs of any kind

    Rules for Designing
    • Must keep hair and eye color same, hair style may change (please note it is curly though!)
    • Must either have a santa hat, or rabbit ears (any color)
    • Must incorporate some sort of Spanish element in the design ( My family is Spanish(Spain) and Puerto-Rican so something from either is a plus!)
    • Please do not do a stereotypical design! Keep it modern-ish or traditional!
    • You may find inspiration from any Spanish speaking country or tradition! (ex. Hot weather, festivals, so on..)
    • Please keep proportions around the same!
    • You may change skin color but nothing very drastic!
    • You may change up the color scheme a bit!


    Full Name: AL!CE.16(Alice)
    Age: N/A (17+)
    Gender: FemaleBirthday/Release day: September 21, 2014
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Measurements: 37-27-38in 93-68-96cm
    Hair: Brunette with purple tips
    Eye: Black with purple highlight

    Likes: Trying new things, Sweets, Socializing, Being a troll at times, playing games, eating and baking, making inappropriate jokes, reading.
    Dislikes: Being complimented, Spicy foods, The Urge to pee, Feeling certain textures, Most Bugs, Arrogant people

    Favorite Food: Fried Chicken, rice
    Hobbies: Baking, Drawing, Eating, Eating and Eating
    Habits: Nail biting, Rips split ends out, makes awkward noises randomly
    Pet Peeves: Copy-Copy Cats, hands rubbing on fabric, Odor
    Phobia: Nyctophobia, Trypanophobia

    Character Item: Santa hat and or Mr.Bunny
    Related Symbols: Rabbits, Galaxies, Swirls, Santa Hats
    Color Scheme: Purple, Orange, Black, White, Red

    Personality: Quirky and a bit confusing. Alice is a rather imaginative person with her head in the clouds. Always trying to find a true meaning in every little thing. However, she is known to be annoying, loud and a bit distant at times. Often lost in thought where it seems she’s ignoring someone. She can come off as awkward at times and a bit rude with how casually she speaks in otherwise polite situations. However, she has a very strong sense of value, with a warm atmosphere and very excitable. Like a firecracker, she can pop from being mellow to an energetic explosion in a matter of seconds. At times she can be manipulative to others, usually with good intent in some way. Her morals show she’s a free spirit and will do what she deems right even if it contradicts rules and regulations. Like an entertainer, she tends to like to enchant people with funny stories or experiences and can easily step into others characters. Though with this however, she can be a bit over dramatic, clumsy and an overall, unorganized, stubborn mess. Because of her clumsy nature, she’s prone to injury and surprisingly sickness. A bit of an adventurer, she excels at never getting lost. She’s very in tune with how others around her feel, often able to read off of their inner emotions and able to get inside their head. For this exact reason, she tends not to want any deep connection concerning ‘love’ and has an acute fear of being alone and hurt. She can be a bit emotionally unstable at times and once sucked into the blues its very hard to get out.
    (ENFP-7w6-Chaotic Good)

    Relationship: Cannon with UEL

    Original Design

    Alternate Design [​IMG]

    Things I like!
    ~Simplicity (that doesn't mean I still dont like detail!)
    ~Comfy designs/clothes
    ~Casual looks
    ~Something that incorporates rabbits and galaxies

    Anyone within the community is free to join!
    If you'd like to donate a prize I encourage it! ; 7 ;~<33 It would be very nice! If you participate and get in any of the slots, you no longer have to do the prize you sent in if you don't want to! If you win but do not get a

    Current submissions can be found in the comment section here, or here
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    Can I try?
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    You're welcome to by all means T u T9 Anyone is allowed to enter!
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    >=< yay the post is back!!
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    Haha, I was wonderin' where this post went! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the submissions c:
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    Sorry LOL

    When the forum reset I was really lazy in re-making the page ; u ;'
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