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Discussion in 'Voicebank Updates' started by Avalia-Kasa, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    You may or may not have seen the new Amaryllis Studio twitter account that was launched a few days ago. I decided to come out and tell you all about what we're doing right now and what we're about! (Yes, I'm part of it)

    We're a small business dedicated to evaluating and creating high quality UTAU voicebanks. Our primary service is creating and distributing voices for sale, but we also have a free service to evaluate anyone's vocal library.

    Currently, we have two vocal libraries in the works, but we can't go into detail about them just yet. Our website is still in progress as well and our logo has been commissioned recently.

    We'd like to open up our evaluation service to the community while we're setting up -- our "Amaryllis Seal." This is basically a seal of quality based off a rubric we use internally. If you send us your vocal library, we can evaluate it for you and tell you whether you're eligible to receive our Amaryllis Seal. If not, we'll give you feedback on how to get there! Once you get it, you're allowed to display it openly! If you'd like this service, please send a private message to me.

    We expect our logo to be completed in August, and our website around the same time. We have a lot of interesting things to come, so we hope you're as excited as we are for our launch!


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