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Discussion in 'Trades' started by Nokoe Bani, Nov 13, 2016.

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    Hey there!! I'm ready to do 2 FULL BODY drawings or 1 FULL COVER ART (landscape + background) for a VCV Japanese Female voice actress/provider!!

    I will
    ♡Draw Any Character of your choice (Two full body Transparents)((in any style)) *
    ♡Draw One full cover art For any of your Covers!*((in any style))
    ♡Draw 3 Chibis of your choice* ((in any style))
    What I can't/wont do
    ♡Kiddy p*rn
    ♡Anything NSFW


    *for every new pitch, I will add double rewards!!
    What I'm looking for!

    A powerful, feminine voicebank. Really, something squeaky and cute to match her personality and defined genre!!
    If you want more on her voicebank info, I'd kind of want something like this

    Above Is her drawing ((pose is based off of the China Dress maki SR))

    If you are interested, please reply to this thread or PM me!! Thank you!!

    More About Aimée
    She is the second of the Ailoids, Who is the 16 year old friend of Amai Kazuhiko!!
    French, (아미/Aimée, "loved by all") and Korean (공주님)!!
    She was born to a French mother after her father was in France during a medical convention!! They both fell in love, after a long time of being work colleagues, as the mother was a medical professor! In turn, her parents got married and brought Aimée into the world!!
    Aimée was born in raised in South Korea, and was always seen as "chubby" and "cute". Though, even though she has been raised to be a girl devoted to classical musical, she fell in love with idols and girl groups!! She tries her best to out rank them, and has her own livestream in which she plays the Grand Piano and Violin arrangements to popular Idol music! When she became 16, she moved to Japan!!
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    Could you maybe elaborate more one what kind of voice you want for her and what you're expecting out of the voice provider? Here are my insights:
    • You want a VCV voicer but how many pitches will you be asking for? Do you want the reclist to be used have certain number of mora? Some maybe not be able to handle 8-mora and 5-mora takes longer, for example.
    • Since she is French and Korean, do you want a certain accent for her?
    • What kind of vocal range are you looking for? Even altos can sound cute and squeaky.
    • Is there a certain quality standard you are looking for? Some voicers invest in buying a good mic while some just use what they have to record.
    • In the future, will you plan on giving her more voicebanks or will it just be a one-time thing? Some may be willing to record for only one time and some may be willing to record multiple times for you.
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    It looks like a lot of your art is traced...
    Maybe don't offer traced art? o u o;
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    I'll be having direct scans from a sketchbook for the transparents, and if they request cover art instead, then based off of the Cover, I will send them multiple sketches!! Until the VA is happy, then that's when the art will be completed!! Thank you, though!! I'll make sure that all art that will be used as payment ((since then not only would it be tracing, it'd be really really illegall)) Thank you though!! I'll make sure to give them originals!!
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    Thank you!! I'll make sure to create a more elaborate post later on so that way those who are interested know what to do :3!! Thank you for the help!!
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    Vocal Requirements
    Being able to stay in the F4 note
    This really isn't so much a requirement, more of a choice. This would be the preferred pitch, but E3 and anything else is fine. If you have any inquiries, please, ask in the thread or PM me!
    A Decent Quality Mic
    I really would like for her to be a nice vocal!! Anything like a built-in mic wouldn't be on the top of my list, but beggars can't be choosers
    Able to record a 7-Mora list
    I would much rather have you record Zurui's Custom VCV Reclist, which could be found here


    If you are selected to be the vocalist, then there may be times I will be having you record again ((of course, you will be paid in some form, monetary, after a while)) Please consider this before contacting me. Thank you for your time!!


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