Battle of the Bands: Backstage (RP)

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    It's a battle of the bands! UTAU bands from all over the world come together at this concert to play their songs, compete, have fun. As well as the music on stage, a story unfolds backstage as the bands meet each other. What will happen?

    To join this RP, you and your friends will need to provide one UTAU each to form a band. The bands should have at least 2 people in them.

    UTAU Name:
    Band name:

    To keep track of the bands more easily, I've made a document.

    Without further ado, let's get started!


    Dominic and the rest of TS_B finally arrived at the venue. He forgot to let the organizers know that his instrument was more of a large, boxy machine than a guitar, and was anxious as to whether he could bring it in. As backup, he brought a regular bass guitar, and figured he could improvise a good enough bassline.

    Dominic wheeled his equipment backstage. Several other bands were already there. With his hands in his pockets, he approached someone and said hi.
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