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Discussion in 'Requested VB Critiques' started by Sync_Ye, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Before launching this bank (I was not even thinking of releasing it, the more I decided to take a chance on it) I would like to release it to an open test, because alone I'm probably going to take until you find something (and if you depend of my speakers, nor am I going to find).

    Also I wanted to know about what you thought about the voice and how it sounds to you.

    Here are a few samples:

    最炫民族風 Capela Loop

    最炫民族風 Capela stretch

    最炫民族風 Cover and Mix

    Before you ask he is a bank with voice japanese and not chinese, to receive the link to download the voice bank please send me a message in my DM on Twitter [@Ye_Sync].

    Note: you have realized that I am a lost when it comes to putting things in the right place so if this has in the wrong place please forgive me.

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