【Blackbird】△ N I H I L U M △ Ft. Alice

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    I forgot to try and post this here but here I go now : ' D

    Instrumental: www.dropbox.com/s/gw1e846iszlaaj9…20WAV%7D.wav?dl=0
    Composition: Blackbird
    Lyrics + Vocals +Mix: Kitcat190//Alice

    So Blackbird who usually writes a lot of UTAU originals made a really pretty composition and I decided to ruin it with my own vocals : ' D The instrumental is in the description for any UTAU and non-utau covers ; 7 ; I hope ya guys like it, its a non valentines day themed, valentines day song : ' D

    Check out Blackbird's soundcloud for more of his originals (they come with intrumentals + ust and or midi)!!!
    Kowareta is currently working on a ust using Sango's English reclist for anyone who is interested!
    you came round, again
    words, softly spoken
    and I listened quietly
    deep into meaning

    And I will not repair
    And I will begin to wear apart

    torn apart

    In this sight I see
    All the cracks falling inbetween, you and me

    Will can't triumph hate
    inside you
    Secrets can be heard, echoing
    far away

    you became comfort, taken away, i became your slave, chained away

    I've lost my sanity, the one thing you took from me

    Will can't triumph hate
    inside you
    Secrets can be heard, echoing
    peace can't triumph war
    inside you
    Voices can be heard, shouting


    death will become of you

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