Blue and Purple (Song Lyrics)

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    ;u; uhm, hi. I wrote song lyrics. But thats all I have so I'll put it here? Maybe someday it'll be a full song.

    Only seconds before the battle may begin
    We've been steeling ourselves for all that may happen
    A scent of fear in the air it's only illusion
    The first blood is pouring now we all go in

    Fighting solo or hand-in-hand
    Well drawn tactics keeping us in band
    Whether blue or purple it doesn't matter to me
    All I see is red!

    Crushing blows and missiles
    Falling everywhere
    Fire and ice mixing
    Into deadly force
    What has happened to me
    over these rough years
    I am finding now
    only my next course

    Guerilla tactics have only gotten us so far
    It's time for something larger to finally end it all
    There's no time to lose push yourself for now
    Victory is eminent keep the pressure on

    Fighting solo or hand-in-hand
    Well drawn tactics keeping us in band
    Now we're on top temporarily
    All we see is red!


    The time has come to give it all up
    Resistance is futile just join us
    What you see is the true terror of war
    But to me and my team it only was a chore

    [Victory !!!]


    Only seconds after the battle may have won
    We're revering ourselves for all that we have done
    But the war is not over it's just begun
    For next time it may be you who gets Baron!


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