Can someone give me an opinion on this microphone?

Discussion in 'Requested VB Critiques' started by Haruna-Chan, Jan 4, 2017.

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    I'm doing more I do not know his microphone has a good quality so I came to ask your opinion:
    OBS: do not hit too much of the mistakes of oto because I just threw the voice bank in the moresampler and made him sue the ust

    MIC: K - F100TL USB
    Vb: Bell Ritsu new series

    Vocal no utau (no flags)

    Com instrumental (no edit no flags)

    Sample (no edit)
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    I'm not an expert on mics but I can help summon the mic god for you @_caustic_
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    Sorry I'm late lol.

    The F100 is basically the same as the BM mic series. These are basically the cheapest condenser mics in existence that don't actually have real electronics and instead use very cheap integrated circuits with a lot of self-generated noise.
    They also suffer from having a very uneven frequency response with excessive amounts of high frequencies.
    They are often marketed as "professional" microphones online which is completely a lie and is meant to draw in unexpecting shoppers.

    The non-usb versions are worth no more than $15 and the usb version is only worth about $20, if you pay more than that then you've been scammed.

    That being said, it will at least work. If you already have one then you might as well keep it if you have no other options.

    For people that don't already own one then I suggest probably buying a USB Logitech headset as the sound will be much the same.

    Sorry for being a downer.
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