Children Record (11 UTAU chorus style)

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    I remembered when someone suggested that "Children Record" should be the opening theme for Mekakucity Actors anime...but it doesn't happen at all. Instead, "daze" is the true opening theme song for the anime. Anyway. since there is no official off vocal for this song, I have to use the unofficial off vocal with kradness' voice, which is found on Youtube, while mixing the off vocal with 11 UTAU voices featured in the song altogether.

    I cannot make a video featuring them due to the lack of art and PV skill. However, if you want to make it, go ahead, as long as you credit all UTAU voicebanks used for the song (mentioned below), the original creator (Jin/Shizen no Teki-P) and the UST maker (PandaLolii).

    Featured UTAU:
    • Kaiserine Sympherianne (C) lorreinegeralde
    • DaeA Hazumine (C) deiyanoko
    • Tsuna Kion (C) aeruko
    • Isaki Hanamori (C) Miss-Isa@dA
    • Crystal Yukimine (C) toryou@dA
    • Miho Hayashine (C) Haneoka@dA
    • Aru (C) cyanonigiri
    • Kuru Utaune (C) Na-Nami
    • Noel Chuckstern (formerly Eugene Phantasm) (C) lorreinegeralde
    • Seo Yuri (C) kimyurin-san@dA
    • Mui Madane (C) kurelenka@dA
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