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Discussion in 'Trades' started by pasuteru, Aug 6, 2016.

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    I don't know if anybody would be interested, but I'm poor and can't draw, so I'm offering covers/oto's in exchange for art!

    If you need somebody to help you oto, I can do CV + VCV, but sadly not VCCV yet (I'm still working on learning that one). Once done, the bank will be formatted for both UTAU-synth and UTAU-PC! I'll only be able to handle one bank to oto at a time however, so there might be a wait!

    As for covers, a UST does have to be out for it, but after that I can do it with any UTAU.
    For covers, I promise to take an extra amount of time to make it the best I can get it!

    Good examples of my mixing:

    Anyways, please PM me or post below if you're interested!

    I'll only be able to do a few oto's, but covers are basically limitless.
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    Can you do CVVC? I've got a CVVC 5 pitch (you don't need to to all 5) bank that I have NO idea how to oto. that is where I upload my art. I'll do 2 720X1080 single character or 1 1080X1080 double character portraits per pitch. If you do accept, can you send me a note on deviantart or a dm on here and i'll give you my skype so we can work out the rough details and stuff.

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