Critique Rya's new voicebank.. please?

Discussion in 'Requested VB Critiques' started by hikari08, Dec 29, 2016.

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    I'm scared, but hey... Hello dear utaforum user-chan,

    I've been working on a new voicebank for the past few weeks; Kazene Rya KiraKira.
    This voicebank is multipitch voicebank, it contains : core, high, low, soft and power pitches.
    I used moresampler otoer to oto this voicebank but I also played with the oto myself and god knows how much patience I got for oto... Anyway, I know the oto needs some work so don't include this point in your critiques or include it knowing that I know the oto isn't perfect...

    I don't think this voicebank is for new ''inexperienced'' utau user, because as I said the oto is not 100% perfect so you'll have to play with it a little bit (mostly the ends of data).

    Download this voicebank HERE.

    What I want to know (I took Kitcat190's list ^^'):
    1. What do you like about the bank? What do you dislike?
    2. Is the clarity and quality of the bank decent? Please explain.
    3. What do you feel like this voice bank would be most used in genre wise?
    4. What are your pet peeves about this bank? Ex. Accent, Nasal tone
    5. What do you feel like this bank needs?
    6. Your own input, personal opinion ect.
    7. Would you use this voicebank?
    Ahh now I will go hide in a corner D:
    But thank you!

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