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    So, I'm looking for a critique for my UTAU called Senchou.

    I just lately recorded for her a new voicebank: CVVC for Japanese and I'm looking for some critiques for it.
    IDK if it's on voicebank's recording quality and/or is she just "hard VB to make sound good" voice type (plus I can't find any music genre that actually works with her voice type - or maybe I'm just bad at mixing :'DD).

    The VB is recorded with Tatsumi's (Tatsumi is a voicer of Giga Lacan) "lite" CVVC list which I've translated into Romaji for myself (the list called "lite" basically because there's no "- CV" settings on it like in EVE list. It just having "CV" "V V" "V C" + glottal stops and ending breathes)

    Maybe I should also mention that the VB is not made in my normal voice... :v But yeah, anyway! Here is DL link to her CVVC =>

    Here is short Acapella to get idea what she sounds. I used mostly 1/32 notes for VC notes expect for "sh" and "s" used 1/16. Used flags are Y0H0B0, nothing fancy used and yes: this clip is untuned on purpose (=no pitch bends or vibratos).

    Link =>

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