Death for Center Stage [K-Pop fanfiction]

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    Hello lovelies, I am currently writting a danganronpa/Idol death game style fanfiction

    I will remove the executions on the UTAForum version, but if you want to read the executions feel free to check out my wattpad version :smile:

    Please be aware of the strong language is on this story.
    If it's not necessary I will remove the strong language.​
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    Rule's and Cast
    This year music bank will be a whole lot different than the previous ones, your host Ai-Chan ,being a mechanical chimp, will be the one providing the execution methods to those who failed to pass

    If an Idol fails to pass a trial, they will be sent to the execution chamber where they will be executed in live TV! As you progress with the story you'll get to see how each of these idols aren't as innocent as you thought they'll be, you'll be able to learn of their lies they've kept hidden from everyone, even their groups.

    The rules are simple

    1. Roam around and search for useful items, such as Pink Coins, which are used to purchase scandal hints, Trial cards for judgement time, and scandal-free cards

    2. Having fans are crucial, the lesser you have, the lower chances of you surviving, to gain fans, doing visual appeals or winning scandal battles will help

    3. Form Bonds with others, tho be careful as one may betray you~

    Now you may be asking, what are Scandal Hints, Trial Cards, and Scandal-Free Cards

    Let me explain these one-by-one

    Scandal Hints: Scandal Hints are used when an idol challenges another Idol into a Scandal Royale, this is where both idols try to release the worse or darkest scandal of their enemy, if you succeed, you'll win their pink gold, but if you loose they get to take your pink gold. You can either buy scandal hints during Scandal Royale, or find them around the Masion

    Trial Cards: An Idol with lower fan count can use this to increase their fan count, thus resulting them to gain an advantage during Judgement Time

    Scandal-Free Cards: These can be used during a Scandal Royale witch makes you win automatically.

    Now, shall we reveal the cast?

    EXO Representative: Kim Jun-myeon a.k.a Suho. Don't let his kind looks fool you, or you'll end up being one of his slaves~

    BTS Representative: Kim Tae-Hyung a.k.a V. Now this guy is a tough one, Keep distance with him as he may fool you with a poisonous charm~

    VIXX Representative: Cha Hak Yeon a.k.a N. He may look cute and innocent, but under that cute face lies many masks which are used to manipulate people~

    N.Flying Representative: Cha Hoon a.k.a Hun. Beneath that beautiful charm lies a dark man with a dark past, can't reveal too much spoilers for him though~

    Day6 Representative: Park Jae Hyung a.k.a Jae Park. Within that cute image of his, within lies a swindler~

    BtoB Representative: Lee Min Hyuk a.k.aMinhyuk. A Motherly figure within a manly body? Let's see how many people he has managed to steal hearts out of~

    Each of these idols have very dark secrets you'll soon to find as you continue reading.

    So how about we start right away, shall we?

    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 31, 2017 ---
    Suho's Route: First Trial

    I wonder where my producer could be at, I worry on doing this show without him. All he ever told me to do is act natural, how do you expect me to act natural when I'm in a creepy mansion?!

    "You must be Suho from EXO, right? I'm Cha Hak Yeon but you can call me N, I'm the leader of the group VIXX. pleased to meet you! " He must be a cheerful person, I guess I can try to get a long with these guys.
    "Pleased to meet you as well, I am glad that you know who I am. So care to explain to me why are we in this mansion?" I asked in a serious tone

    "Oh, actually I am wondering that myself, I tried commuting with the other guys to get information about this, but they all seem to be clueless as well. The only thing we all know is that this is supposed to be a reality TV show." He said as he walked me to the main hall of the mansion. That's weird, I thought, usually they will inform us of what we'll be doing beforehand, with so little information I don't think I can stay at ease.

    "WOW! EVERYONE IS HERE ON TIME~" a voice startled me as it began to speak from the overhead, what's with the childish voice? Is this a joke?

    "I can't show myself just now, I will reveal my identity until the first trial hehehe,first of all my name is Ai-chan your cute host~" First Trial? What does they mean?

    "The rules are simple, just roam around the first floor, get pink coins, use these to buy scandals, and bribe other's ~ The scandals are used during scandal royale, Scadal Royale is where you expose the deepest darkest secrets of your opponent, if you win you get their pink gold vice versa, whatever I'm bored start with the drama! READY! GO! "

    As soon as they said those words, I heard doors unlock.

    "Suho, I want to wish you good luck" N said with a bright smile on his face

    "Good luck to you too N" I responded back. I just wondered what will happen up ahead.


    With the total amount of coins I managed to find I don't think I can buy enough lotto balls, I kept searching and searching but it seems the other guys have rummaged through the place already. This is hopeless, will I really be disqualified this early.

    I then entered a dark room, just what is going on here? As I tried to search for a light switch, I was terrified for what I have seen. Explosives, large animals, motor bikes, Knifes, poison you name it.

    "What are you doing in here I may ask?" A voice from behind startled me
    "That voice, don't tell me your Ai-chan?" A small robotic monkey stared at me with one eye glowing bright red

    "I know I'm cute stop staring, now again why are you in this room? This room is OFF limits" Ai shouted

    "I need to ask what are these for, why do you have weapons stored in here?"

    "You just can't shut up can you, look I will explain everything later, take this gold lotto ball, it will help you win the first trial automatically. " Ai said as he handed me a golden ball

    "Answer me you stupid monkey! Just what are these for?! What are you planing to do with these?!" I can't handle this, my fear is killing me, I am at a loss for words when Ai just stated at me

    "If you don't want to die then stay quiet, if you want me to rig the shown for you to win I'll do it, just keep your mouth shut and get the hell out." Ai said as he forcefully dragged me out

    There's no words that can convey how scared I am. If only Chanyeol was here to cheer me up.

    "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!" What's going on? I followed the shouting to see two guys.

    "V what's going on? You have sufficient amount of coins to buy lotto balls, why are you panicking?"
    V as in V from BTS? He's here?


    Minhyuk, he must be from BtoB, right? I approached the two men wanting to see if I could be of any help.

    "Excuse me I couldn't help but to overhe-"


    "Please excuse him, he is just worried. I will give him some of my coins, but I already passed the trial and according to Ai I can't give anymore until the second round." Minhyuk said with a sad expression in his face

    I look over at V who is panicking with tears falling down his cheeks. I should give him the gold Lotto ball. I mean there will always be a next year for exo to shine on stage, might as well give this one up for BTS .

    "Umm V, I know this isn't part of my business, but I want you to have this, it's a golden Lotto ball, with this you can instantly pass the trial." V looked at me in astonishment

    "B-but you, what about you? You can't instantly give this to me, and how did you even get something this valuable?! "

    "I'll spare you the details, just take it I promise I will do okay without it, seeing you panicking hurts me more than me winning, and if I get disqualified, then I'll participate again next year. Here take it." As I said that I grabbed his hand and placed the Golden Lotto Ball in V's hand


    "Minhyuk promise to take care of V for me, okay?

    "Sure hahaha."

    I walked away from the group and began to think about that room. Just what are those weapons will be used for, what does Ai even needs them.

    "FOOLISH IDOLS JUST MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE TRIAL ROOM NOW I AM SO BORED." Ai's voice resonated throughout the first floor

    I guess this is the end for me, right?


    I failed the trial, I am shocked am I the only one? I can't be

    "SUHO! Did you pass?" N said as he ran towards me

    "I.... I didn't." I said as I couldn't bring myself to look at his eyes, but I could tell that N had pity on me, V made his ways towards me and hugged me.

    "I'm sorry... It's my fault Suho I shouldn't have taken it."

    "Stop it, at least you passed right? That's more than enough to make me smile, I can imagine Kyungsoo getting mad at me right now hahaha-"

    "Get ready for the Death Live! " Ai said as he walked into the court room.
    "I can't comprehend what your sayi-" I said as Ai cutt me off mid sentence.

    "Today the person to be executed will be Suho from EXO~"

    [Execution Censored Please Read Above to find the Uncensored Version]

    EXO-Suho -Dead]

    1 Death, 5 Survivors
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 31, 2017 ---
    V's Route: Second Trial

    "And there you have it! Still think this is a joke?"

    What was that just now? There's no way it can be real, it just can't be!

    "Look you stupid monkey, if you want us to believe it, then make the special effects more realistic. What type of budget do you guys even have?"

    "You must be Hoon from N.Flying, am I correct? Either way, if you don't believe me then how about you fail this trial and see for yourself if it's real or fake." Ai said in a monotonous tone.

    "Ha! If this was real, then why isn't the program shut down? How are they able to let you run this show on live TV? There's no way our managers will allow any of us to die in such way, ESPECIALLY in a TV program." I can tell how Hoon really tried to defend his point, and I guess I agree with him, maybe Suho is at the back stage eating food and enjoying the drama. I'm sure Suho is alive, I can just feel it.

    "Such a pain, believe what you want you stupid rat face, shall we start on the second trial? This time all you have to do is simply act, y'all know the rules, now let the drama begin!"

    "Rat face... " Hoon mumbled loud enough for me to hear, I accidentally let out a chuckle which he returned with a glare, if looks could kill, you'd be dead.

    "I really can't believe Suho died, I just can't" N can be heard mumbling, I can tell right away that he is panicking, maybe I should comfort him just like what Minhyuk did to me.

    I feel nervous as well, I'm the reason why Suho had such a sad fate.

    "Hey, cheer up! I'm sure Suho is alive, like what Hoon mentioned earlier, they cant air such inhumane program on live TV, right?"

    "Y-you... IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT SUHO DIED! HOW DO YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO BE CHEERFUL AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO SUHO?!" I felt a sharp pain in my chest after he said those words, he's right, it's my fault. It's my fault that Suho died, if he knew about this, why did he give me the Golden Lotto ball?

    "I-i'm sorry... " is all I managed to say in return, I can just see the anger in his face, and without a doubt, I'm sure I'm his target. "SORRY CANT BRING BACK THE DEAD, YOU SHOULD HAVE REJECTED THE DAMN LOTTO BALL, YOU SHOULD HAVE DI-"
    "Stop it you two, there's no point in arguing about this now, what happened happened, imagine if Suho was here, he wouldn't like to see you two fight over him." This boy, despite his baby face, he is right in many different ways, I can't deny what he said, but what am I supposed to feel? I can't be happy after what I did to Suho. I just can't.
    "I agree with Jae, instead of arguing let's just split up and scavenge around, Hoon already had a head start, we need to go before he obtains the coins." Minhyuk said before he made us split

    With that said we all parted to different ways, and I could feel N glaring at me, just what am supposed to do, Jin, Jimin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Suga, J-hope.... Please guide me....


    "You! I declare a scandal royal!"
    I look behind me and I see Hoon with a smirk on his face. "Me? What did I do?" Out all the contestants why does it has to be me?

    "Finally! Let's get things started!" Ai said as he popped out of a flower vase.
    Ai escorted me and Hoon to a room with cameras in different angles, I guess all I have to do is just listen to his explanation and then I'm good to go, right?

    "The rules are simple, just expose your opponent with the deepest and darkest scandal, and the winner takes over 1,000 pink coins! Simple right? So get exposing!" With that being said Ai proceeded to head out of the room with tablets in front of us.

    I picked up my tablet and turned it on, a picture of me is shown on the background with all the phrases I have managed to obtain on the last trial, I open my scandal hints and searched for Hoon scandals, most of them seem to be of Suho, N and Minhyuk, I kept searching till I found a scandal hint for Hoon. I then proceeded to put the phrases together to make the scandal. Let's hope I win, pray for me.

    "You two are too fast, now lets see which one of you has the best scandal~"

    Ai then grabbed a water bucket and began couting down.


    Please let me win




    I closed my eyes getting ready to be soaked, but to my surprise I heard Hoon yelp and I saw him dripping wet.

    "Tsk Tsk Tsk, what a scandal V, let's see what it said~ On his trainee days Hoon would leave the dorms and go spend the night with his mom where she would spoil him with food
    [Expose level 34] Behind that tough guy act lies a moma boy, huh, never would've imagined that to be honest. I wish I could meet my mommy huhuhu. Here is your prize money V, now leave before I change my mind!"

    With that being said I left the room with Hoon, thank you for the luck. "Y-You! How did you know that?!" Hoon said as his face began to turn red in embarrassment. "I-I used a scandal hint, I'm sorry but I have to get going, I wish you luck with the trial Hoon, bye! " I dashed out of the room hoping not to run into N, that will then put me into more trouble, and to be honest I don't want any more problems, I'm still depressed about Suho, and drama will just ruin my mood even more.


    [20 minutes later]

    I managed to get over 4,000 fans and 12,342 pink coins, maybe I should buy those acting boosts, I need to act quick and make my way to the judgement room before others.

    I ran to the room, hoping that others didn't make it yet, and to my surprise three people remained, Jae Park, Me, and Hoon. I paid the entrance fee of 100 coins and bought 6,000 coins worth of acting buffs, just to help me out.

    "Okay V, I want you to show me your reaction to this picture I'm going to show you on the screen."


    Ai locked the doors, my heart began to race, and the lights went out an image came on the screen, it appears to be a body bag, if you look closely you can see Suho's name on the bag.

    "JUST WHAT SICK JOKE IS THIS?! HOW CAN I FAKE A REACTION WHEN YOU ARE HERE SHOWING ME A PICTURE OF SUHO'S BODY BAG?!?!" As I said those words, tears began to stream down my cheeks, I then began to try to gasp for air making it hard for me to breath, I ran to the door trying to open it, "OPEN THIS PLEASE, I CANT HANDLE THIS, OPEN THIS DOOR!!!!"

    I heard Ai laugh in the background, is he really enjoying this?! Is this a joke to him?!

    "I really love your act V, such a star! You could even replace D.O on his role for Hyung! Hahahaha, you pass this trial, now go to the waiting room as my men will escort you and the other winners to the death live! Congrats V! " As he said that the door then unlocked I slammed the door open runnin out of the room still able to hear his demented laughs.

    "V is everything okay? Calm down, I'm here." Minhyuk then grab hold of my arms and pulled me in for a hug, as I'm still trying hard to breathe properly, tears continue to fall. "S-suho.... Please be a-live..." Were the only things I managed to say, earning a glare from N. Great, he passed...
    "I'm sure he is, just calm down V, everything will be okay."


    [Execution Censored Please Read Above to find the Uncensored Version]

    The screen then came down on the stage stopping us on our tracks stating
    N.Flying Hoon- Dead]

    As the screen raised up, my eyes couldn't believe what it saw on the stage......

    Hoon's lifeless body....

    2 deaths, 4 survivors
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    This post is all I have ever needed in my life.
    It's Danganronpa and K-Pop, two of my favourite things.
    Also, I'm so glad you put Jae as part of the cast, he's hilarious on Twitter.

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