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Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Meta, Jan 4, 2013.

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    So, usually extra voicebank sounds are breaths and end breaths and things. I was curious if there are ones that other people like to find in voicebanks, like hum sounds and moans or screams, or whatever else you think is cool in a voicebank!

    And when there are extra sounds, do you prefer them separated into folders?

    I'm really curious because I think recording extra sounds is fun, but I don't really know what to do besides breaths?
  3. Kitsuyeo

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    I always add english-helping syllables in my voicebanks.
    Such as 'ay/ae' 'ah' 'uh' 'ih' 'er' etc.
    But, other good ideas...
    record you singing '1,2,3,4'
    your UTAU catchphrase (you saying it)
    record a laugh
    a high 'a' sound for screams such as in love is war, AaAaAA, and other songs that have screams.
    also, i highly suggest recording the words 'hey' and 'baby', because they are very commonly used in songs of any language.
    And yes, I separate them into different folders so as not to cause confusion, and so the user can extract what they want to use into the main voicebank.

    I hope I helped, please PM me if you want a more detailed list of things you could record :smile:
  4. Ant

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    This is a good idea. Maybe something like "yeah!" or "let's go!"
  5. MillyAqualine

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    Atm the only extra sounds I've done or planning to add are :

    -Breathes (all of them get those because I really cannot do anything without them)

    -For Rose I've recorded two kissings sounds : the simple kiss, and then the flying kiss to add more cutesy/romance

    -I haven't begun that yet but for the lolz I really want to add yawnings in the banks, so if later I want to make some short MMd dramas with Hanasu-lie dialogs or if there's a song needing a yawning (nor at least using the yawning as a special breathe effect)

    - Then I don't know if I'll add a scream or what... I still need to think more about these... Probably a sneezing but that's not confirmed... Laughing was thought too...

    And you imagine if one day there'd be a Vocaloid voicebank who would produce a laugh in the middle of a song or coughing ? x'D
  6. shinami

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    With extra sounds, I don't really care for those odder extras because I won't use them, especially if they're OOC (If your character is supposed to be glum/quiet, then why have a giddy laugh?).

    So I mainly like (This is mostly talking about CV because in VCV strings they generally have most):
    -VCV vowels (because vowels in CV are a butt to oto and never sound right)
    -VCV breath outs; breath outs generally sound nasty unless a vowel is attached, like "i hh", etc
    -All the vowels of a consonant. If you have "tsu", I'd really like "tsi" and the rest
    -Two or more breathe ins to choose between
    -English Rs and Ls alongside Japanese Rs

    That's about it.
  7. Hika421

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    What I rarely see on the overseas side are end stops. [あ ・, え ・] etc

    You don't have to record them specifically, but it's pretty much OTOing out a ~VC ending to all your vowels + n. Like end breaths, but, a quick stopping more than a breathy one.

    It makes the ending sound a bit more... IDK, sharp I guess? In comparison to UTAU just fading out the vowel for you, but it's not needed I guess.

  8. KitWistful

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    yes! yessssss

    I mean, it just kills me that japanese banks have a fuller syllableset than overseas ones : ' O

    EDIT: to be specific, I run into japanese banks with lingual supplements (v-, different fs, etc.) more often than overseas banks with those syllables.
  9. glaciachan

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    I like English R's and L's, breath sounds, and end breaths, personally. (Says the person who rarely remembers to or is too lazy record them, hahaha)
  10. Yue Nagareboshi

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    - Turning CVs into CV-VV is seriously a great improvement.
    - Vowel stops, as Hika says, it's also a great add on. Also try different ending breaths! different breaths for different feelings.
    - TSv it's ok; as well as some CCe (kye, pye, etc) since those dont exits. Cwv are too much to me aside... kwa and gwa are accepted since those are legit, yet obsolete, sounds.
    - All the breath you can.
    - I would prefer thrilled R's over English R's anytime; the reason is that thrilled R's can be used on all the rock-type songs; yet the english R is pretty limited to work effectively if it's only with 5 vowels and not all the english ones; as well as the VC extras for it.
    - Please record the L's without an english accent... I have seen banks using L's with english accent without japanese R's and those are a BIG TURN OFF to me. Japanese L sound is more close to the spanish one than the english one.
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  11. Masa

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    I don't really have any suggestions, but just note that pre-recorded sentences won't work in UTAU, because the program automatically changes the whole note into one pitch, so the sentence will have a mono-tone and sound weird.
  12. Zarsla

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    This may come of as snobbish (and really late) but...
    Most banks that tend to have extra sounds (besides breaths) are usually trying to compensate for another language eg latin, english, spainish, etc.
    In my own opion it's better to record two (or how many you need) reclist for your langauges. Aslo keep in mind,that many languages have similiar sounds, thus you can slighty edit the two list and put them together (time consuming but it works and gives you less to record)
    (PS sorry for any typos)
  13. NyokoNoUta

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    Good ideas! I added some of the extra sounds you mentioned to my voicebank and they're quite fun two record and even pretty useful!
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    Very useful, I recorded a lot of the things you suggested and I love the result!

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