Fairies' hope

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    After idk how long I finished the first chapter - be aware: grammar mistakes may be included

    The alarm clock rang. Slowly a hand moved towards it and pushed a button so that the ringing stopped. Diana opened her eyes, stood up and looked out of her window, seeing the same scene as every morning. The same pink-white building, the same leafless trees, the same gray sky for already two weeks. She went out of her room into the bathroom where her sister sat, trying to dry the black nail polish.
    “Before school?”
    “Why not? Nobody cares if I did it before school or yesterday evening.”
    She waved her blonde hair with purple streaks back and stood up. “Dia, you know that we have to go earlier, right? Because of that stupid and unnecessary project.”
    Suddenly the sleepy looking girl was awake and rushed between her room and the bathroom.
    “By the way, Lia, where is Keru?”, asked Dia her sister while brushing her long blonde hair.
    Liana didn't answer. She just put on the tons of make-up she owned.
    “I'm finished, I gotta go now and meet some friends before going to school. That stupid project is separating us. I may be late, tell our teacher my nose bled on the way to school. See you later”, said Lia and went through the door.
    Her sister was too slow she couldn't answer. The girl just stared at the door for five minutes until she noticed she would be late if not hurrying. Dia managed herself really fast and ran out of her house ignoring every person she passed. I can't be late!, she thought as she suddenly bumped into somebody else.
    “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!”
    Dia looked up and saw fruits lying around the two of them. It was clear into which person she bumped. There was only one person out there who has been loving fruits with such a burning passion.
    “I-It's okay Suika, I have to excuse, I bumped into you and not you into me”, she said picking up all the fruits and giving them back.
    “Thank you. Oh, we go into the same class and you're... Diana, right?”
    She nodded and helped Suika to stand up. “We have to hurry, otherwise we'll be late!”
    “Don't you know the shortcut through the park? It's much faster and we don't need to run.”
    “A shortcut?”
    “Yes! I'll show you!”
    The pink-haired girl pointed at the park and both went through it. The leafless tress expressed a depressed atmosphere. With every breeze the last leaves danced in the air until they reached the ground.
    “It's quite cold for a November, right?”, Suika asked to have at least a little conversation.
    The other girl just nodded. Moments of silence appeared.
    “It's nice that Iris is our project leader, don't you think so?”
    Dia looked up. “Iris? Who is that?”
    “Oh, sorry, I mean Miss Libra. I'm used to call her Iris because we're friends, you know. She understands us better than other teachers. It's really nice.”
    “I never had class with her so I can't really judge it but I heard she's quite young.”
    “Yes, she is. Sometimes Iris brings her little sister Daisy with her to school. Oh, look, we're almost there.”
    “You're right. Thanks for showing me the way”, Dia thanked Suika and wanted to go.
    “You know that we're in the same project group, right? I think I mentioned it already.”
    The hurrying girl looked confused back. Step by step she went through the few sentences they talked together.
    “Oh... you're right. Excuse me, I'm confused since I woke up.”
    “Don't worry, it's okay. Let's go!”, Suika said enthusiastically and grabbed Dia's hand. Together they ran into the building although Suika needed to pull Dia a bit because she couldn't run that fast.
    “Err... Suika? Do you know in which room our group should meet?”, Dia asked as Suika stopped in the middle of the hallway.
    “I thought you knew it, Dia”, she answered looking at the signs with the room numbers she could recognize from their current position. “In which part of the building are we at all?”
    “It's really funny observing you, Suika.”
    Both, turned around to behold an elegant girl walking towards them.
    “Mimi!” The bag with the fruits met the ground, Suika let go of Dia's hand and cuddled Mimi.
    “You should stop cuddling me and pick up your fruits.” Anyway, Iris is waiting for us. We should hurry a bit.”
    “Oh, you're right, we shouldn't let Iris wait too long”, said Suika and wanted to pick up her fruits until she noticed Dia did it already. “You didn't need to do that!”
    She just smiled and handed the bag with the fruits back to the respective owner.
    “Shall we go now?”, asked Mimi impatiently and wanted to go already.
    “We're coming!”, answered Suika and the three of them went into the classroom where they were awaited by their teacher. The desk was decorated with a bouquet consisting of exactly thirteen different flowers.
    “Iris, for what are the pretty flowers?”, Suika wanted to know as she stepped in front of the desk and gave the bag with fruits to the group's teacher, Iris.
    “Oh, nothing special. It's just for me to remember my students better. Everybody gets a different flower after they said something about themselves. Every flower represents one's character”, she explained with a calm voice.
    “Really? Which flower represents me?”, asked the pink-haired girl her friend with sparkling eyes.
    “You'll see.”
    “Please, tell me, tell me, tell me!”
    Mimi sighed and pulled Suika away from Iris.
    “Are you sure you can handle this group of crazy people? It won't be easy, Iris.”
    “You know, you're part of this group as well. You need to handle that group too, Rai.”
    Rai ignored the last two sentences by Iris.
    “Everybody, please listen. First of all it would be nice if everybody could sit down.”
    They listened to their teacher. It took a few seconds until everybody had a seat.
    “Thanks. I'm going to tell you our topic of this project after everybody told something about themselves. After you're finished you'll get one flower which I think fits to you. No flower has a bad meaning so don't worry. So, who would like to start?”
    Silence. There weren't any volunteers. Most of them thought they didn't need to do it because they were good friends with Iris.
    She just sighed and took the list with the names of the students. “Our group consists of thirteen students: Mimi Yorune, Suika Irie, Mona Minarai, Diana Kunikida, Liana Kunikida, Takeru Kunikida, Rai Akegata, Arisa Kuratagawa, Tsuki Kuratagawa, Mayo Sotone, Saki, Uotan and Gendai. Some didn't give me their surnames and some are missing? Oh, well. Anyway, Diana would you like to start?”
    Dia twitched. The shy girl felt everybody's glances.
    “I c-could start”, she stuttered as an answer. “M-my name i-is Dia-”
    She couldn't answer her sentence. Suddenly the ground started to shake.
    “What is this? An earthquake? Everybody under an table!”, Iris screamed and hid herself under the teacher's desk. The group did what their teacher said – they hid under tables except Dia, she was too slow.
    “Come here”,somebody said, dragged Dia under his table and covered her head with his body. She didn't saw who this boy was but she recognized his voice.
    “Are you alright?”, asked the boy still covering Dia's head and holding her tight.
    She whispered scared: “Yes.”
    Both of them looked around. Suika passed out.
    She wanted to free herself and run over to Suika but the boy held her more tight now. “Stay here, it's too dangerous!”
    “It's too dangerous!”
    She knew, it wasn't the best moment for arguing. The only thing they could do right now was watching how person after person passed out. First Suika, followed by Mimi, then Iris.
    “I... feel dizzy”, said Dia very quiet.
    “Don't pass away...!”
    They boy's voice sounded like in great distance. He repeated it a few times until Dia couldn't hear it anymore because she passed away as well.
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    more please o.o
    I wanna know what happens O^O
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    How did I miss this?! This is so good! I wanna read more!! So awesome!!! *U*

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