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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Hentai, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Hentai here. With spring break from school I have a one week reprieve from the time eating hell that is my 18 unit graduating semester. If I haven't been around lately it is because I have been swamped with school trying to finish my degree. (Yay, graduation!)

    That being said now that I do have some time I have taken the time to deploy updates to the forum renewing the licences to some of the plugins that run this site and deploying said updates. This should reduce some of the errors I have been seeing concerning many of the social-related sharing issues.

    Finally, I have added some pseudo-subforums to the Art section of the board. Because it wasn't immediately obvious that art commissions could go in UtaSwap (despite my sticky) and that art requests could go in UtaSwap > Requests I have added each as a redirect sub-forum to the Art section of UtaForum.

    To accommodate this expansion of UtaSwap both the "Requests" and "Trade" subforums have had Thread Prefixes implemented. You can now mark your threads [Open] [Closed] [PayPal] [Token] [Art] [Music] etc. Should make it easier for you folks offering free art to easily open and close requests in the future.

    It should be obvious, but in case it wasn't I am giving fore-notice:
    Bumping and/or posting requests to [Closed] are requests, particularly free art offer threads is VERY rude but will be moderated accordingly per Rules 1 & 2. Respect members & follow board specific rules.
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