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    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Well, I think it could be right to re-introduce myself, since things were happening and I COULDN'T LOG FOR A LONG TIME
    My name (real) is Alessandra, I'm 16 (will be 17 on July...) and I live in a little town... really unknown... in Italy, but if you want, you can searh "Ascoli Satriano". This horrible city is really famous (maybe) because the common brought a representative statue called "Grifoni" in the Expo 2015 (focus-like introduction eeeeeeeeeh!)
    I am actually fond of Japanese antiquity, especially history and traditional music... I would really love if someone could make me touch a traditional instrument... but it can be possible when I'll be 18... guess...
    Beside it, I love Turkish/Kurdish cultures (what's Kurdish you could say?), sooooooooooooooooo strongly that I'm trying to organize a really special event in a city near Ascoli, called Foggia. The event is to invite two great artist from the city of Amude, in the Kurdish part of Syria: Sheyda and Sefqan Orkes... but yeah Idk if can talk about it...
    As some of you remember, I'm born blind,so actually I CAN'T USE UTAU. I installed it four years ago I think (but don't remember...) and it was shown clearly I couldn't use it for compatibility issues... yeah, this is an advice for you all, since I sometimes could ask you some questions of obvious facts for sighted people I guess...
    I also compose music (wether Japanese or Turkish/Kurdish...) and sing (toooooooooooooo many languages btw), and I also have a smule page. Actually I don't consider me a smutaite, since I don't sing VOCALOID/UTAU stuff so often... I go more on games soundtrack (fire emblems, nier... Kajiura related stuff... talking about Japanese...). If someone wishes to listen my works, you can just check the profile of a certain "Hevi"... the ID is Yumekoto (you know @MANIAGIRLKITTY)
    This site is also really essential for me, as I could write better in English...
    Thank you for the patience you'll have to read (simply joking)
    Bye bye dear fellows

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