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    Hiya. I'm iroh, I'm an European girl who's almost 20 and I'm not totally new to UTAU, but I'm coming back from a 5-year-hiatus and so I'm as clueless as a newbie, really. I've joined in hopes of catching up with everything I've missed so far.

    I won't be super-active because university starts (too) soon, but I'd like to use what's left of summer to do some covers ~
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    Hey there! Welcome to UtaForum! It's always nice to meet new people. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

    If you have any UTAU related questions we have a subforum dedicated to those! Once you get back into the swing of things and make any content, we've got plenty of places to share things like covers and original songs! Do you like creating artwork? If so, I'd like to welcome you to my personal favorite section of the whole site - the art section! We also have places to discuss UTAU as a whole or even work on characterization!

    Of course, we also have subsections dedicated to other voice synthesis software! Like Vocaloid? You'll like this place, then!

    UtaForum has a pretty friendly and accepting community upholding it. I really hope you enjoy your stay! Welcome once again!
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