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    Hi! I'm Nikki, I'm 19, female, and I hope to hold the record for the amount of UTAU's I've made and manage.

    I've used UTAU since I was 11, and at this time, I have 18 total UTAU that I've made, three are voiced by my family members.

    I try to do everything myself, so everything I know about art, oto, mixing, making music, etc is mostly my own knowledge

    I have made two original songs (one is cursed, one is less cursed).

    I use Vocaloid, UTAU, and SynthV.

    I mix quick in Audacity but I make my songs in FL Studio

    I use Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop for art.

    My videos are made mostly in VideoPad, if not that, they're made in Adobe Premiere.

    I hope to make it big as an animator or graphic novelist someday :')

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