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Discussion in 'UtaSwap' started by heta-tan, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Hello friends.

    I've decided to do some commissions for funsies but I know not everyone on here has the money to afford art so I'll also be accepting other services for payments.

    I'm going to have 5 slots open for now
    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN
    The prices below are estimates and are subject to change based on the time I spend working on it.

    BUSTS (shoulders up): $10-$20 Example
    FULL BODY: $15 - $25 Example
    HALF BODY(waist up): $10-$20 Example
    CHIBIS:$10-20 Example

    SKETCHES/LINE ART: $5-$10 Example 1 Example 2

    Things I won't draw:
    • NSFW
    • Furries/Anthros
    • Mecha
    If you would like to pay with another service/thing, we can negotiate.

    If you need a full body art/design for your UTAU and are unable to pay with money or some other means, please message me and I can see about doing it for you for free.

    If you're interested, please message me!

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