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    I craved more after reading the latest chapter so I'll introduce this manga to you guys! soiwontbetheonlyonecravingforupdates

    It originally was a webcomic created by Hero; it's now complete and wrapped up but it has an "omake" segment/series still going on. The manga is remade/drawn by Hagiwara Daisuke, who also made the two-shot manga, Back to the Jack.


    The two main characters of Horimiya are Hori Kyoko and Miyamura Izumi.
    Hori is a normal girl in school, but at home she takes care of her brother and home (like a housewife) due to her parents' frequent absence.
    Miyamura is a shady looking guy with long hair that seems to be an otaku at school, but after school he's a friendly guy with his hair tied up and with piercings (oh, and sucks at academics too except for Health and PE).

    I couldn't find a one with no text OTL

    The two become friends after Miyamura brings Hori's brother home when he tripped and had a nosebleed. They both agree that they keep it a personal secret that they both know each other's different side. You can only guess when happens from there.

    What I really like about this manga is that I really like the chemistry between Hori and Miyamura and I find it interesting and realistic yet humorous. This also goes for character interaction and how the plot flows.
    Unlike other romance mangas, it doesn't drag out too long and not fast.

    I recommend this manga to those who want to read a good slice of life/school life/romance/shounen manga (with pretty art too) with good pacing and interaction; To the guys as well (it is a shounen manga...); It's not "annoying" or overly "girly/romantic".
    Currently, there are 29 translated scanlations. It's hard to say anything else with spoilers so I'm going to post some colored pages (by Daisuke himself, of course!) for samples for you to see and with some double-spoiler tags for, well, spoilers!

    Okay, spoilers time! (yeah. That's the only colored page I found without spoilers OTL)
    Not that very spoilery, but here are now some serious spoilers.

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