Critique Requested I FINALLY MADE A VCV BANK【UTAUカバー】 Tell Your World 【VCV (Name TBD)】

Discussion in 'Song Covers' started by AleaLovesUTAU, Jan 15, 2020.

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    So yeah please tell me what you think!! Also please note the oto is only done by moresampler and I will be editing it before releasing her.
    But please it would really mean a lot to get any type of response on this ;;;
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    Hello! I'd just like to say before giving my critique, congrats on completing your VCV voicebank! ;0; I know that recording VCV can seem like a pretty intimidating task to some, especially with the mora recording and oto aspect of it, but I'm glad you decided to pull through and finish it! That being said, I'm gonna spoiler my critique for easier reading. I hope it helps you!

    So, starting with positives, I love the tone of the VB itself. The voice has a very rich, feminine sound that doesn't go overboard into the cute, mature or lively territories. This, to me, is honestly something I haven't seen too much of when it comes to female UTAU. They're very in-the-middle, and I don't find that to be a bad thing at all! Voice diversity is always something I appreciate, so I honestly consider this a plus! Secondly, the oto. The oto is really good, honestly? I know you said the oto was only done by moresampler, but still, it's really good! I feel like, if you really wanted to that with a tad bit of precise touch it'll be even better! Granted, that's up to you because I believe it sounds really good already. :"0 The mixing is really good, by the way. No need to worry there, haha.

    Secondly, here is the stuff I feel like needs improvement. The voice fits the song great in my opinion, but I'd recommend in the future to try working on your tuning. Don't get me wrong, some of the vocal runs and transitions are really good, like the one at 1:22 seconds really got me shook, lol. However, in other parts, it just sounds slightly flat (like for example, 1:51 to 2:00 minutes in). My advice is to not be afraid to experiment a bit more while you tune! Again, when your tuning hits it hits really well, I just feel like there's room for improvement, that's all.

    Also, if you really wanna get extra™ with this bank, I also recommend possibly recording some breaths, end breaths, and (if you're really feeling fancy), some exVOICE? I feel like it would really help bring more life to an already super good VB. Of course, the decision is completely up to you, and the bank certainly won't be worse without them; it's just a suggestion for if you feel like making your UTAU sound more human or just want to get some more recording for them in. Breaths can be recorded with your program of choice and, instead of otoing and inserting them in UTAU you can choose to insert it right into your mixing program when the time comes. This is because UTAU kinda makes them sound robotic, and placing the raw file into the mixing program just makes it sound more natural. Ending breaths, however, can be fair game and I'd honestly recommend just duplicating your vowel sounds within UTAU and, if you really let out a good exhale at the end, just otoing the near-end duplicate that way. :0c Finally, exVOICE can be anything, lol. Numbers, a greeting, laughter — really, anything.

    That being said hoo wee I hope this wasn't too overwhelming for you! I really want to stress that I'm not trying to put you or your UTAU down in any way, in fact, I actually really like them! They have a very unique voice and I'd honestly love to see more of them, like a name, design, and of course, more covers if you choose to do more.

    All in all, good job!:smile:

    I get way too carried away when I write critiques, haha. :"> Honestly though, your UTAU sounds amazing! Again, I hope my critique helps you. If you have any questions or anything like that, I'd love to hear them!

    Congrats again on completing your VCV! :sing:
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