Iiya (118) feat. Kaiserine Sympherianne

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    Original song link |||Niconico link
    Original singer ||| Hatsune Miku
    Original producer ||| DECO*27 (music, lyrics), Naoki Itai (arrangement), Hassan/Hachisan (illustration)
    UST file creator ||| akem (Soundcloud link)
    Singer ||| Kaiserine Sympherianne
    Illustration link ||| http://lorreinegeralde.deviantart.com/art/UTAU-cover-Iiya-118-ft-Kaiserine-Sympherianne-648494273

    This is originally a test subject (more accurately, a resampler test) to study about how Kaizern and Noel's respective voice type are related to BoBoiBoy's evolved elemental power type, with Kaizern's voice type is related to BoBoiBoy Thorn's power type (my little sister keeps saying that her voice type is related to BoBoiBoy Halilintar (Thunderstorm)'s power type, though) and Noel with BoBoiBoy Gempa (Quake).

    Link to test subject: https://clyp.it/4bdqk1za


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