It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!

Discussion in 'Anime & Manga' started by Hentai, Feb 5, 2012.

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    So yes, the actual title is quite the mouthful, even moreso then Oremo and the full title is something like "Watashi ga Mote Nai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!".

    But story revolves around a female otaku, who is a total recluse and soscially inept, would be a hikimori if she wasn't in highschool, and well... disdainful of her situation but keeps claiming its not her fault, as if there was something wrong with the world around her.

    The manga is kinda cute... in a sad sort of way. Anyways I was reading some other boards and there was like 13 pages of people who relate to this main character. Its like mind boggling, I knew about hikkimori, and the stereotypical otaku we always joke about but I never thought they actually exist.

    I consider myself a pretty damn hardcore otaku but I am having a hard time believing people like that could actually exist... Its just so outside of my realm of experience.No man is an island and even otaku should be able to find other otaku to relate with!

    Anyways read the manga, it should be translated on the various manga sites and maybe we can talk about our own experiences being otaku, while we read about a person who is one.

    zOMG volume 2. Also she is like Ika Musume level retarded at times. People can relate to that?

    Anyways if you haven't heard about it the manga it recently got popular because the publisher & mangaka basically gave the 4chan /a/ sponsored translation project their stamp of approval with "海外の2ちゃん的な掲示板で大人気!!" stamped on the manga's front cover. Its translates loosely into something like "A smash hit on the overseas version of 2chan!!"

    Beyond that the mangaka has been interacting with her western fans via twitter in the best engrish ever.
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    The author is a woman? Huh. Guess I never really payed attention ;_;
    The manga's pretty funny at times but also kinda sad. It's like the mangaka is trying to make her look as...well...bad as possible. Oh the pity. I wish the mc would get a (real) break now and then.
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    It's a good read. Let me recommend it (for now, at least).
    Knowing the mangaka is a woman is a good piece of info, too.
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    Eh? The author's really a woman? I assumed she was a male when I read her previous manga. Aaaaanyway, this manga is getting really popular huh? Kind of a contradiction to the title. It really deserves its fame, though, because its super funny and awesome. I can relate to the character in some sense but sometimes, she goes super extreme which makes me laugh.
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    Sometimes the moments can be painfully awkward to read but it's pretty cool and I would definitely recommend Watamote to people, haha
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    this thread reminded me to quietly stare at the computer screen in a dangerously obsessive manner while i download chapter 54

    be back soon

    (also, i can relate to a lot of things in there)

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