【Kaiserine Sympherianne】 A Certain Night 【UTAU cover】 + UST DL

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    Download the UST here: http://fannoirletima.tumblr.com/bew...gry-bird-named-chuck-while-downloading-though

    This edited UST is distributed with Masa (Masa-n5320)’s permission so please credit me for editing and minimally tuning the original UST, and creating harmony UST, and Masa (Masa-n5320) for creating the original UST. Also, please read the .txt file before using the UST for more information.

    Since I re-edited the main and harmony UST parts, the singing style for these UST parts may be partially different. This cover song is entirely made for self-enjoyment only. If you like Gozen-P’s original songs other than “A Certain Night”, please support the VOCALOID producer by buying stuffs here. You won’t regret.

    The original UST, which is created by Masa (Masa-n5320), can be found here: http://utakawa.wix.com/utakawa#!ustvsq/c7d6

    Original song link:

    Original singer ||| MEIKO
    Original producer ||| Gozen-P (music, lyrics, composer), kikurage (illustration)
    UST file creator ||| Masa (Masa-n5320) and lorreinegeralde
    Singer ||| Kaiserine Sympherianne
    Illustration link ||| http://lorreinegeralde.deviantart.com/art/UTAU-cover-A-Certain-Night-UST-DL-582311720
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