Kaiserine Sympherianne 「ケイザーリン ・シンパリアン 」

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    Kaiserine Sympherianne (Fantômepoid) may not receive any Append/Extend/Alternative design permanently in the future.

    Name & Name Meaning: Kaiserine Sympherianne (this name is completely fictional)
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown
    Country of Origin: Malaysia
    UTAU Series: None
    Voice Type: "ectoplasmic-flavoured" (weird-sounding)
    Optimum Range: D3 ~ D#6
    Encoding: Romaji
    Aliases: Yes
    Voicebank Type: CV
    Preconfigured OTO: Yes
    Appends/Multiple Banks: None
    Languages: Primarily Japanese but might be used for some non-Japanese languages
    Voicebank Download: Kaiserine Sympherianne ≫REVIVAL SE≪ (recommended for download)
    Voice examples: FLOWER TAIL -short demo-


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