konbanwa minna-san(Good Evening Peoples) :3

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    Oh, I forgot to tell you this morning:
    I also have a soundcloud account where I post some covers songs that I create. Some songs are with Portuguese description but do not worry XD. Well, it's not a Pro-Ilimited account because I can not afford one, but I wish I could. Only I expect to be 18, get a job and get to pay that XD account. And maybe I'll do this Cover with some interesting UTAU. But for now my focus is Kaai Yuki. For now the audios are not all edited but I will edit the cover of yuki tomorrow because I will post the video on my channel. And this Cover is from a favorite artist of mine called MJQ | MJQ - P.

    So there goes the tests that I did:

    Kaai Yuki:

    Hatsune Miku Sweet:


    Macne Nana:


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