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Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Kenochka, Jun 8, 2020.

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    Hello! I'm looking for two voice providers. I'm working on my own voicebank now, it will be an androgynous voicebank but unfortunately I struggle to change my voice consistently for separate banks.

    I need both a masculine and feminine voice for a project I'm working on, I'm really not fussed otherwise, I just need two voice banks for a male and female character.

    -VCV japanese voicebank, preferably tripitch but monopitch would be ok too
    -Clean samples
    -I can send a reclist or you can use your own
    -I 'll oto and do everything else myself!
    -No due date, but needed fairly soon?

    I could offer either art (around 5 shaded coloured full bodies?) or character designs in return, unfortunately I dont have much money.

    Example art: https://www.deviantart.com/kenochka/gallery
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    Hello there, I can voice the masculine Utau if you want, if it's not a Furloid. (I don't show interest in them) And I'll do the job for free. My accent sort of is correct for Japanese. Message me on Discord @xTrayambak#2711 for inqueries.

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