Love Confession and a Syncing Feeling 【Miles Gunner】

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    Special thanks to Purin ( for doing the tuning!!

    Miles Gunner English CVVC DL:…

    I've been meaning to release Miles' English bank for a looong time now, but couldn't decide on a song to use, so I decided to try and write my own! Though of course, during the process of this, the newest VCCV reclist was released and CVVC English seems to be obsolete... oh well. I'm releasing this old bank anyways because it's still pretty all right?

    The bank is a dual-pitched bank, with the upper pitch used for strength, as demonstrated here.

    But, anyways, October 1st is also the anniversary for when I first released his core VCV, his first release, so it seemed appropriate to upload this today. Happy birthday, Miles!

    As for the song, it is about the character being unable to obtain his object of affection, but he resolves to move on because he cares most for their happiness.

    I am also releasing the off vocal as well as the UST and a collection of VSQs/VSQx that you can use how you would like:…

    If you notice anything wrong with the downloads, the voicebank, or the pack, please do not hesitate to let me know.

    Thank you for listening and watching!
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