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Discussion in 'Writing & Translation' started by Truly, Dec 19, 2016.

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    [pls forgive potentially misplaced subforum]

    KinteticIsEpic, Buck, and I, Truly, were having a discussion in the chatbox about music production, arrangement, and writing. Plenty of this doesn't appeal to any of you at all-- and that's ok, because I'm making the thread specifically for the three of us, and the rest can stuff off. But if you read something useful here, or have something to contribute, I'm happy to hear it.

    Specifically, it came down to writing lyrics for otherwise completed songs. Kinetic (who I'll go ahead and throw right under the bus) apparently has an issue where lyrics written by him will focus on texture and how they fit into the song as a whole, but leave something to be desired regarding the meaning. Meanwhile, lyrics written for him often focus on the story, and have little in the way of coherent musical theme.

    I have some thoughts about what makes "good" lyrics, and certainly, I agree that the sounds that make them, and how those sounds interact with the rest of the music, is very important. But I believe that there are certainly lyrics that are both texturally pleasing, and meaningful and interesting. I wish to leave some examples here-- but the focus is on texture.

    Naturally, we'll post more below as we find and consider them.

    - (lyrics don't mean anything though.) this one I feel is noteworthy because it has one line of lyrics and is still very very not-repetitive.

    (A paltry showing from someone who was so sure of herself! I'm sure there are more to come that fit this bill.)
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    I'm assuming what we are talking about in this particular case is taking advantage of phonaestetics, where the sound of the word/phrase takes precedence over what the word/phrase actually means.

    This is not to say that you simply throw random words together (necessarily, although you could), but that you don't really put a whole lot of thought into trying to send some kind of complex moral message and instead focus on making the phrase/line/verse have a kind of sound that complements the rest of the instrumental in a less vocal way and more in, well, an instrumental one.

    You can find examples of this all throughout the EDM scene, since most EDM music is designed to get feet moving, not tears flowing. Look through labels like Monstercat or Tasty.

    Here are my 2 examples


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