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    This thread is to focus on all updates, past and future of my UTAU Matsuo Sora.

    April 2017:
    First Major Update; Matsuo Sora Hirogaru. Multi-Expressional Multipitch Voicebank (Dark G#2, Soft F3, Power C#4 and F4).

    Download link in description.

    May 2017:
    Recording Update:
    Matsuo Sora English VCCV (E3, C4)
    Matsuo Sora Tsuyoi VCV (E3, C4)
    Matsuo Sora English Arpasing (E3, C4)

    June 2017:
    Recording Update:
    Extra Pitches for Hirogaru (F3 Power, C4 Soft)
    Matsuo Sora KIRE CVVC (E3, C4, F4, C5)

    July 2017:
    Second Voicebank Update:
    Matsuo Sora Tsuyoi VCV Release

    Download in description

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