My VSQx Folders has Engrish versions now!!

Discussion in 'USTs/VSQs, MIDIs & Off-Vocals' started by BuniiCake, Dec 22, 2016.

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    Hello! I have recently updated my VSQx folders. I did a poll if I should add Engrish in the folders since I used MAYU.
    I figured most of the fandom has Japanese vocaloids, and figured if I only release English, it isn't fair!
    So I took the time out of my evening and updated my VSQx's with Engrish versions along with English.
    I also fixed some tempos that were done on Piapro since Piapro does not save tempo apparently!
    People who uses Japanese Vocaloid, You are super welcome! You might need to edit some phonemes
    if needed, but it should all be fine! Also, they are fresh and unedited!:love:

    Melobunii's VSQx (My site)
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