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    You will not be paid for these projects I have been lacking commissions so I have no money sorry!!! But if you have time on your hands and are looking to busy yourself that'd be awesome if you could help me out.

    Looking for someone to help with project N-KUN. I have limited time and am looking for people to help with making VB's now people who do help will be put down as co-creators of the VB!

    Continue reading for more info

    Voicebanks I need Help with that need to be released

    N-KUN Spanish VCCV Four Pitch (Only three need done)

    N-KUN English VCCV Seven Pitch (This is an expansion so only three need done)

    N-KUN Japanese VCV Three Pitch (I just need someone to review the VB oto and fix things not a complete oto)

    N-KUN Japanese CVVC Six pitch I NEED HELP ON THIS ONE

    So info is as follows anyone who does these will be credited these are the added rewards:

    N-KUN Spanish: If someone does this they will have three covers from me with their UTAU. They will be featured as a contributor to N-KUN on N-KUN's homepage. They will also get seven covers shared on sound cloud and three on facebook.

    N-KUN English: I will make you a new site for your utau, you will be on the top of the list of contributors, twenty sound cloud cover shares, five covers of their UTAU. Exclusive predownload to a choice bank of N-KUN's, A cover of their utau on N-KUN's homepage

    N-KUN Japanese VCV: four covers of their UTAU. featured as a contributor, selective shares from me (three or more)

    N-KUN Japanese CVVC: same as N-KUN English but you be put down second on the list of contributors

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