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    I've decided that, to make a bit of extra money or dA points, I'll begin taking commissions to OTO people's voice banks for them. Since this is my first time opening these up, prices are subject to change. If we have already reached an agreement for a commission, I will only ever lower your price, never raise it.

    My deviantART is TheEndIsNearUs, if anyone would like to pay in points.

    • However unlikely, I have the right to decline any commission.
    • Each individual pitch and/or append will be treated as a separate voicebank, and will be priced as such.

    How Commissions Work
    It's rather simple; merely send me a PM, reply to this thread, or notify me via one of my various IM systems stating that you are interested in purchasing a commission, and we will discuss it from there.

    Japanese Voicebanks
    CV - $2.50 / 200 points
    VCV - $5.00 / 400 points
    CVVC - $7.50 / 600 points

    English* Voicebanks
    CV - $5.00 / 400 points
    VCV - $7.50 / 600 points [do these even exist?]
    CVVC - $10.00 / 800 points
    [sup]*Or any other language, really[/sup]

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