Open OTO Oto VCV, CVVC,CV and VCCV for Art

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    Note: just to make it clear I do not know English very well so let me know if there is anything wrong here

    First of all I'm just going to offer my services from oto to the styles that I already have at least a little experience:

    You can choose from these options (or something like that):

    CV - 7 Pitchs [Japanese]
    VCV - 5 Pitchs [Japanese]
    VCV - 3 Pitchs [Spanish]
    VCCV Aku-P Reclist - 4 Pitchs [Spanish]
    CVVC Teren000 and Eve RecList - 5 Pitchs [Japanese and Spanish]

    If you are interested, talk to me about my DM, discord [いぇひきこp[Ye_hikikoP]#7032] or twitter [at]Ye_Lesyn , I'll explain the rest there.
    Remembering that you have to send me an example of your art.

    Here are some samples:

    VCV Japanese
    [VoiceBank: Nonoka V3.0]

    VCV Japanese Prizma Oto
    [VoiceBank: 響明いぇ Standard Edition UTAU Version]

    VCCV Spanish
    [VoiceBank: Ye_Project Alpha 0.1]

    CVVC Japanese
    [VoiceBank: Ye Bell Ritsu]

    CVVC Spanish
    [VoiceBank: Ye_Project]

    Note: Yes I know it is in Brazilian Portuguese but it is still a Spanish bank.
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